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Co-Owner & Level 3 Stylist
Specializing in vivid colors, extensions, & blonding

Carmen is an encyclopedic knowledge of all the random things & is obsessed with ska/punk music. She's a mom to an awesome son, a pitbull, three cats, & a bearded dragon. She loves road trips to weird places & would love to discuss any cool places you've been!


Hair is one of the biggest parts of our personality and you deserve to have it reflect how amazing you are! Whether you have mermaid, galaxy, unicorn, or holographic dreams you will always be informed on what is happening with your hair so you can just relax and have a super kick-ass time in a safe environment!

i am a Matrix Artist & also certified in Dreamcatchers extensions for I-tip, K-tip, Weft, & Tape-Ins to help you achieve those long hair goals in whichever way is best for your hair health & lifestyle!

"You know you're going to be a hairstylist when you grow up, right?" When I was 13, my hairstylist told me that and suddenly the world made complete sense. I immediately started cosmetology classes at my high school and went on to Tennessee School of Beauty. I graduated in 2009 and have been on a quest to make everyone so in love with their hair ever since! I opened Salon Mercury with Winter Varnell in July 2019 so that we could create a safe, welcoming space for any of us who have ever felt uncomfortable or like we don't fit in at traditional salons.

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