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First time here?

No problem! We are here to help!

Keep on reading so you are ready to reserve your first visit!

How do I know which services to choose?

Our booking page is separated into different types of services to help you easily sort through an find the perfect service for you! you can more in-depth information about our services here! Once your decide which service(s) you need, you can go to our online reservation page and move forward! You will be asked to choose a stylist and a date/time that works best for you! 

Reserve your first visit here!

How do I know which stylist is best for me?

Visit our Meet the Team page! You will be able to go through each stylist's bio page to see who you feel most at home with and be able to see some of their work! 

I've reserved my first visit. What happens now?

Yay! first off, we can't wait to meet you! You are about to receive a confirmation text/email letting you know the reservation has been made along with a new client form (if you're getting a color service!). It will let us know so much about you, your hair, what products you use, etc. You will also get a notification 48 hours prior to your reservation to confirm it. Once you confirm your appointment, just sit back & relax until your visit!  

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